The Story Behind


Born and raised in Mexico City, Jocelyn left a piece of her heart in every country she visited and enjoyed. Amused by all the trends and colors, she began designing accessories since she was 5 years old. Buying every rare bead and material that appeared on her way, always guided by her personal sense of style.

Inspired by her love for distinctive fashion styles and excited about creating a comfortable iconic trend, Fancy & Funky was born. Designed always with the highest quality materials in the market.

The first phone string Jo created was the “FELINE” wristlet string. With a pattern of colors inspired by nature and the Amalfi coast views. She then started mixing a wide variety of vibrant colors using Austrian beads and, at this moment, was when the Cube Crossbody string came to life. Considered one of the most Iconic pieces yet.

Today, "Fancy and Funky" is one of the most ravishing and innovative luxury accessories brand. Her pieces are the perfect combination of Fancy and Funky statement style.

The unique & exclusive full collection is now trending worldwide. They can be found in boutiques around the world: Milano, Paris, Los Angeles, Miami, New York and Mexico City.

Get Fancy, get Funky!